Hi there!  My name is Travis and I’m excited you’ve found your way to my site.

Here’s a little of my story:  I’m a 25 year old guy from America that loves entrepreneurship, traveling, and working with amazing people.

I’ve built multiple products and online courses, traveled to 22+ countries, and worked with people all over the world as a consultant.


This is the short and sweet version, want a longer version?  Here’s the long version.




Interested in My Projects or Working with me?

I’m currently looking for my next opportunity to continue learning about business.  Email me at tgrubesky at gmail if you’re looking for some help!


My first product www.nailbiterstoolkit.com, is an online course designed to help people stop nail biting.


I’ve also assisted in the creation of a physicians assistant review course at www.physicianassistantstudyguide.com